Why is dating in LA different than anywhere else


Dating in LA is distinct. For numerous reasons, it’s a different place to date than anywhere else. There are a lot of pros, as far as the differences are concerned. Traffic, generally, fits into the con category. Here are some of the reasons why dating in LA is different.


The population

The dating pool is sizeable compared to other places. Therefore, you can find anonymity in Los Angeles more than you would elsewhere. For example, you can hook up with girls in LA without crossing paths again. It’s not the same as dating in a city where there is a higher probability that you will run into people you know. That’s not to say you won’t run into past love-interests. However, it’s doubtful that you will run into someone who you have previously dated while you’re commuting.


The traffic

Finding yourself stuck in traffic is quintessential to Los Angeles because a majority of people drive. In a city with more reliable public transportation than LA, you could meet someone on your commute to work. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll meet each other while you’re driving in separate cars. It’s more likely that you’ll meet somewhere in person or through a dating app.


Places in LA are spread out, and that’s one reason why people choose to use dating apps. A location-based app can rule out people who live in a separate part of Los Angeles. If you date someone, who lives in a different area, it can seem like you spend hours traveling to each other. Even if you decide to meet somewhere, you may have trouble finding parking. Moreover, Uber rides can be expensive.


The diversity

If you’re looking to find a long-term partner, it’s to your benefit that LA is diverse. There are a lot of people to date. Therefore, it’s likely that you can find someone who shares your interests. You can meet people from all sorts of backgrounds in LA. It’s an international hub for professionals in almost every field. Therefore, you would not have to look far to find someone to date who is from a different culture and speaks an additional language.


The climate

It’s not improbable to spend time on the beach during the winter months. There are plenty of activities all year, outside and inside. There are opportunities, year-round, to enjoy the sunshine with a date. While a lot of dating interactions in Los Angeles start online, there are plenty of in-person groups to join.


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