Sexy New Trends in Women’s Fashion


Lingerie aside, there are plenty of sexy trends in casual wear this year – with a twist. It’s possible to look sexy AND be comfortable! Yes! You’ll see why.


Last year, two styles of shorts dominated runways – board shorts and cycling shorts. Few real women dared wear either type. Enter duchesse satin board shorts, riveting in muted jewel tones. A welcome alternative indeed.

Ruched Dresses

These are a new style that involves a romantic take on body-con, but it’s suitable for all shapes and sizes. If worn right, ruching has amazing figure-enhancing potential, stretching in all the right places to accommodate curvier bodies and adding curves to slimmer body types. Calvin Klein uses ruching to emphasize slim waists, while Givenchy balances it with pleats to create a dazzling outfit.


Yes, tuxedoes for women can be sexy. Designers proved it this year with this chic, casual alternative to evening dresses. Another option is sexy tuxedo dresses, which even royalty has been seen in. Alexander McQueen’s keyhole tuxedoes show skin, leaving just the right things to the imagination, while Hermès presented tuxes with missing buttons.

Body Harness

The playful trend is back. A harness is not only sexy, but ties in a whole outfit together without losing anything in the elegance department. These unconventional accessories are a statement in themselves. They can be worn in neutral or bold tones or over a fitted shirt. Of course, they’re most effective over a tank or tube top. Don’t be afraid to shake up your wardrobe with a chain, leather, or fabric harness.

These are the sexiest women’s fashion trends in 2019. Don’t be afraid to experiment because none of us are getting any younger, not to mention that women of all ages can wear any of these items or accessories.


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