New Trends in Lingerie


For some people, trendy lingerie is worn only on special occasions. Usually, it’s relegated to the back of a drawer, where it begins to gather dust. This is not the right approach! Read about the new trends, invest in and enjoy them.


It’s still winter in many parts of the world, and spring is a notion of period of year, not temperature. This is why there’s no better time to stock up on red lingerie. Many men and women would never imagine buying it, but they’re wrong. Wear red or gift red lingerie to that special person.

Tattoo Print

We all want lingerie that looks interesting, and this is about as interesting as it gets. The trend is suitable for any skin color and tone, with a tattoo effect leaving something to the imagination.

Leopard Print

We couldn’t talk about lingerie trends without touching on the spots. This trend will dominate the runways and the lingerie market throughout 2019. Coming in barely there prints and wild colors, this trend will go with a great variety of styles.


One major trend involves three-piece lingerie sets: panties, a bra, and a garter belt with stockings. These make a great present as well.

Peekaboo Bottoms

Peekaboo bottoms are all the rage in 2019. There’s no woman who won’t love the element of playful surprise.

See-through Body Suits

Body suits have become part and parcel of lingerie wardrobes, and this is no accident: you accomplish so much with just one piece. While this trend is not necessarily new, the market is starting to offer some especially luxurious pieces, even hand-beaded ones.

To sum up, we’ve given you a wide variety of trends to choose from. Pick one or more and finally be yourself! Your BAE will love it, we guarantee!


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