Why Startups need to embrace the Use of Explainer Videos

//Why Startups need to embrace the Use of Explainer Videos

Why Startups need to embrace the Use of Explainer Videos

Gone are the days when businesses would only be done face to face or offline. Today many merchants can find great opportunities to push their products and services online. Whether you’re a small scale business or a huge company, count on the internet to meet new clients every day. However, to do this, it is advisable to have a website. Next, embrace various marketing strategies to see that you not only make more sales, but you push your site high on various search engines.

Today, I want to talk about embracing explainer videos for your startup website. An explainer video is a short video that enlightens your viewers about what you do or how your products can be of help to them. Unlike a website text which most internet users can’t read to completion, the 60 to 90 seconds explainer videos are ideal for a website since up to 50% of viewers will watch them to completion. This is why most merchants use these videos for their startups and are the reason why you too need to try them.

Boost conversion rate with these videos

Statistics have it that more than 80% of internet users will be more comfortable to buy a product or use service only if this comes with a video that explains it. With an explainer video, you will be able to keep track of the number of visitors in your site on a daily basis. They help the online merchant know what products are preferred most by visitors. You will, therefore, know how many of these visitors are likely to become potential clients.

They help the site to rank high on search engines

When your site ranks well on search engines, there is the likely hood of attracting many visitors daily. Internet users can find your access your site with ease. Videos will enable your site to rank well then what text would. It is because the videos can easily be shared online or even uploaded on various free video hosting platforms like YouTube and get watched by huge population.  These videos also can be shared by using links on emails and social media and get watched by many online users. The more the views a video gets the high likelihood that your site will climb the Google algorithm ladder.

Clarifies what you do

Sometimes it can be hard to explain what you do through text on your website as people have various ways of interpretation. However, with these videos, you can quickly explain what your business entails and how your products will effectively solve a problem. Embrace the use of these videos, and you will surely enjoy their benefits.

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